What We Stand For

The Official 2017 Platform for the North Haven Democratic Town Committee
  1. Open Government with Transparent Decision Making
    -We dedicate ourselves to being a government that is both of the people and for the people and find that this is only possible through full and open transparency with our constituency. -Government should be accessible to all and its processes should be made clear to the public it serves -We believe in broadening the scope of those who can participate in government through the utilization of technology.
  2. Service for Public Interest
    -We believe that the role of government is to foster opportunity for all people, to provide security to those in need and remain fiscally responsible and accountable to the public. -We believe that those who serve in a public role must put public interest above that of personal-interest. -We are committed to attracting and keeping highly qualified employees and volunteers for the town.
  3. Equality and Diversity
    -We strive to provide ample opportunities that enable success for all citizens of North Haven, regardless of a person’s age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, veteran status, disability, background, or other discriminating factor. -We respect the diversity of our population, as well as the broad range of viewpoints expressed by those in the community on a number of issues. -In our decision-making, we aim to ensure that ours is a government working the best for the most people, while still guaranteeing that all opinions are respected, considered, and represented.
  4. Fiscal Responsibility
    -We seek to invest in economic development that best benefits the citizens of our town and encourages their financial growth and/or stability. -We believe that there needs to be a balance between the financial interest of corporations, small business and that of private citizens. -We aim to strengthen the town’s economy by cultivating and fostering our talent with the tools that they need thrive right here in North Haven. -We believe that it is important for the town and the board of education to prepare and present a responsible budget. We believe that the budgeting process should be open and transparent between political parties and the public.
  5. Fairness
    -We believe that the financial resources of the town should be dispersed fairly and address the needs of the greatest number of citizens. -We will work to ensure that the basic necessities required for life and happiness are provided for all of those in need. -We believe in fairness with respect to labor relations for town employees
  6. Access to Healthcare
    -We believe quality affordable healthcare is a basic human right and not a privilege. -Access to treatment, including substance abuse treatment and mental health services, is necessary to protect the community at large.
  7. Public Safety
    -We believe that a safe and secure community is vital to a high quality of life. -We support a strong commitment for our police and fire departments through adequate funding.
  8. Protecting the environment
    -We value the natural beauty and splendor of our town and seek to protect its many resources from external harm. We recognize our role in mitigating the effects of climate change and seek to always provide residents with clean water, fresh breathable air, and an untarnished landscape. -We hold our citizens and businesses to a high standard in demanding that we work together to build a sustainable future. -We support open space acquisitions and hold it as a high priority.
  9. High Quality Education
    -We believe maintaining high quality education is crucial to the survival of North Haven. -We must guarantee that our schools are provided with the tools and resources they need to provide the high quality education to our children. -We need to ensure that all children are permitted to rise to their greatest potential so that they can become future leaders of North Haven and beyond. -It is important to have sufficient communication between the school district and the community at large.
  10. Building community
    -We want to build a fun and vibrant community where our seniors and young people feel safe and supported. We seek to equip all our residents with resources that both facilitate their community needs and make them feel proud of their town. -We believe affordable housing is vital to allow all current and future residents the ability to move to and remain in North Haven. -We strive to strengthen North Haven’s standing as a caring and engaging destination where families want to live, teenagers and young adults want to hang out, and seniors want to spend their retirement years in grace and dignity. -We are committed to supporting our veterans, ensuring that veterans and their families are treated with dignity and respect.

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