Transportation Lockbox Amendment

Deeper dive on 2018 ballot initiatives

The amendment as it will appear on the ballot:

"Shall the Constitution of the State be amended to ensure (1) that all moneys contained in the Special Transportation Fund be used solely for transportation purposes, including the payment of debts of the state incurred for transportation purposes, and (2) that sources of funds deposited in the Special Transportation Fund be deposited in said fund so long as such sources are authorized by statute to be collected or received by the state?"
What does a YES vote mean?
A “yes” vote limits lawmakers’ use of transportation funds to only transportation purposes.
This measure would require that all money placed into the state Special Transportation Fund only be used for transportation.  

This initiative is on the ballot because between 2011 and 2017 over $650 million meant for transportation has been diverted by lawmakers.  Because we have been objectively underfunding transporation, more than 300 of our bridges have been deemed structurally deficient.  Over 40% of state and local roads have been rated in "poor" condition.  

The case for voting YES - Improved transportation services will increase access to jobs and training for workers while helping reduce car and truck emmissions that have been linked to increased risk for asthma and other respiratory diseases.  This measure might also help to reduce congestion in urban centers and make travel throughout the state more easy and eco-friendly.  A Duke University study is projecting that every dollar spent on transportation could yeild $3.50 in economic gains.  

The case for voting NO - Lockboxing this money might limit the ability to fund other areas of service in fiscal hard times.  Some also worry that a lockbox will make tolls more pallatable to the general public.  Others say the language in the amendment will make it easy for legislators to get around the amendment and divert funds before they hit the lockbox.  

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What does a NO vote mean?
A "no" vote allows lawmakers to use transportation funding for other purposes.
Who supports this measure?
Connecticut Business & Industry Association and the state AFL-CIO, among many other business and labor groups, including The Business Council of Fairfield County. 
Who opposes this measure?
Some republicans who fear this will clear the way for tolls.  Other republicans say the measure doesn't go far enough.