Theresa Ranciato-Viele
Candidate for State Representative

Theresa Ranciato-Viele is a native of North Haven and a long-time Planning and Zoning Board member. She became involved in politics at a young age, petitioning the North Haven Board of Education for the right for all students, regardless of their gender, to choose between home economics and industrial arts. The Board agreed and students were given a choice.

After college in Boulder, Colorado, Theresa returned to North Haven to marry John Viele. In 1989, they had their son, Jack. Jack was diagnosed with leukemia when he was almost 3 years old. When he began attending Green Acres School’s Integrated Day program, Theresa became involved in the PTA. She was elected to the North Haven Planning and Zoning Board in 1997, a position she still holds today.
In 1999, Jack relapsed and underwent an autologous bone marrow transplant. There were complications and he died in Boston in July 1999. Life for both she and John changed irrevocably. This town and their friends, the whole community, helped them travel this very tough road. This inspired Theresa to become even more involved in the town and with other humanitarian organizations.

Theresa became involved with the Eli Whitney Museum, helping to create an apprentice program for children with emotional and medical issues so they can attend summer camp. She still works to support this through the Jack Viele Scholarship Fund. With Pam Niles and others at Green Acres, she supports the Library Corner in memory of Jack.

With the support of the Rotary Club, of which Theresa is a member and former president, she organized one of the largest bone marrow drives in New England. At last count, at least 5 people received transplants thanks to these drives.

She participates in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and has been a Big Sister for almost 10 years. Theresa also volunteers with the Cove Center for Grieving Children, Soul Friends and meets one-on-one with parents who have lost children.

Theresa returned to school, receiving a Master’s Degree in Social Work (with a concentration in Public Policy) from UConn. She is currently a partner at Techmate, a consulting company that has incorporated Girltower, the company she founded. At Girltower, Theresa works with wireless telecommunications companies, assisting them in various tasks, including zoning, leasing, permitting, and negotiating raw land sites.

Her work at Techmate incorporates disaster recovery consulting, utilizing what she learned working with the American Red Cross, CT Rises and FEMA. She spent four years coordinating and operating the long-term disaster recovery program in Connecticut and served as a FEMA reservist who worked Hurricane Irma.

Theresa is a skilled and strategic leader with nearly 20 years of experience managing diverse programs and teams, collaborating with government, community organizations, businesses and private citizens. She is ready to put her extensive public service and advocacy experience to use in Hartford.

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